Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Top 30 Uses for your Cell Phone

One of the keys to making your life easier by using your phone is to set up the following tips ahead of time. Store "bank by phone" numbers, FREE 411 and PayPal as contacts in your phone so when u need them u don't have to go hunting for the number.

Bookmarks for mobile web is a must, when ur running late ur not going to have time to key in a url for movie listings. Set this stuff up before hand!

(J2ME java capable cell cariers are Sprint, Cingular and some T-mobile Phones)

If anyone has any other carriers that work w/ J2ME feel free to comment or email me at


Free Live Online Searching over the phone!
You can call a live operator to get such information as:

-Recipe for a romantic dinner
-Can you get me the lyrics for “Santa Claus is coming to town”?
-Trade-in Value for a 1984 Mercedes Benz.
-Weather Forecast for San Diego, California.
-Nearest Wal-Mart from a hotel in Virginia Beach, Virginia.
-Someone called me from area code 970. Could you tell me which state they called from?
-Can you give me the top ten songs at
Requirements: NONE. Advertiesements are played while your info is being retrieved.

Free 411 -

Free Directory Assistance -
1800-Free 411

Better than $1.75 per call!

Web Browsing !!!!
Full Web Browsing on your phone
Requirements: J2ME Java enabled Mobile Phone/Data Plan

Remote Desktop
For your Java Enabled Phone
Requirements: J2ME Java enabled Mobile phoneData Plan

World of Warcraft (Mobile)
For you addicts out there.
Requirements: J2ME Java enabled Mobile phoneData Plan

Live TV
Streaming Live TV
Requirements: J2ME Java enabled Mobile phoneData Plan

Streaming Media
Access and Stream ALL your media content from your hard drive to your phone (Movies/Webcam/MP3's/Photos)
Requirements: Mobile Web/"Media Capable Phone"

Mobile PDA
push email, remote file access, push RSS, chat etc
Requirements: J2ME Java enabled Mobile phoneData Plan

Document Scanning
Use your Camera phone to digitally scan Documents, Business cards and whiteboards.
Requirements: Camera (Text Or Picture Messaging) 1.3 megapixl is best but I am able to use a standard camera phone with quipit for half of a 8.5x11 or business cards. Make sure u have plenty of lighting if u dont have a 1.3 camera
*Store qipit in ur phone as a contact with an email address, you wont remember otherwise. ( / )

Voice Blogging
Post your voice messages to your Blog, My Space or the Web
Requirements: NONE

Mobile Blogging (Pictures/Text)
Set up your account to allow new posts through Text Message or email. (Same as Auddioblogger)
Requirements: Text or Picture Messaging

Control Your House
Install the various x10 modules in your house and then control lights and other devices in your home via the web on your phone!
X10 Module And Internet Connected Home Computer
Mobile Web or Opera Mini Browser / X10 USB Module

Chat on Party Lines in 20 Different States
Great if u have some time to kill and free nationwide calling

Mobile Digg
Digg on your Phone
Requirements: Mobile Web

Mobile Java Applications
Mobile Java Applications
Requirements: J2ME Java enabled Mobile Phone

Microsoft Office Documents
Microsoft® Word, Microsoft® Excel, Microsoft® PowerPoint, Corel WordPerfect®, Corel Quattro Pro® and Corel Presentations™.
Requirements: J2ME Java enabled Mobile Phone / Data Plan

Store your Desktop on your Phone
With MojoPac you can take your windows destkop, files and programs with you wherever you go. Etiher Stored on your phone or a usb thumb drive.
Requirements: A Mobile Phone that is USB file storge capable
(with at least a 128 meg SD Card)

DVD's or Movies
You can convert your ripped DVD's or movies to the 3gp mobile phone format for playback on your mobile phone.
Directions Here
3gp Converter Here
Requirements: 3gp capable phone with SD card storage

Mobile Skype
Skype VOIP for your phone.
Requirements: J2ME Java enabled Mobile Phone / Data Plan / Uses Airtime but works great for plans where incoming calls are Free!

Call screening/fowarding/vmail to email.
Requirements: NONE

Everything Google
Everything Google has to Offer only mobilized for phone browsers

Requirements: Mobile Web

MSN Mobile
MSN Messenger, Hotmail, MSN Spaces and MSN Calendar
Requirements: Mobile Web

Howard Stern
Requirements: Streaming Media Capable Phone, Orb Setup on home Computer

Mobile Navigation (Free)
GPS Mobile Navigation (Free)
Requirements: J2ME Java enabled Mobile phone / Data Plan

Mobile Navigation ($4.99/mo)
GPS Mobile Navigation ($4.99/mo)
Requirements: J2ME Java enabled Mobile Phone /Data Plan

Track Your Phone
Verizon/Sprint/ offer services that will allow you to track the location of your phone (like if it was Misplaced, or maybe you want to track ur girlfriends phone….)
Requirements: Sprint / Verizon

Google SMS
Google SMS. Use google though Text Messages (Improved, Now w/ online Emulator)
Requirements: Txt Messaging

Send Text Messages Via Email
The major US cellular carriers use the format for SMS to text capable cell phones, with a limit of 160 characters in the subject and message body (total).

Carrier Send Email to phonenumber@....

Sprint Picture Mail (w/ picture attachment)


PC Control via Text Message
Restart or Run Commands on your PC by sending it a text message
Requirements: Txt Messaging / Outlook

Send your Resume By Text Message
Send your resume to any email address in second by just sending a txt message.
Requirements: Text Messageing

Mobile Package Tracking
Requirements: Mobile Web

Mobile TV
Free Mobile TV
Requirements: i forget

Digital Money
Send money, pay back friends, settle the bill and buy stuff with paypal mobile
Requirements: NONE

Locate Friends
Find out what your friends are doing and share activities.
Buddy Ping
Requirements: Text or Picture Messaging

Send Text to Speech Messages

Personal Notepad
Store Lists/Memo's and Important info that your are always forgetting on your phone. So youll have it with you all the time.
Try using the text messaging "Drafts" area of your phone to create notes/lists/todo's for yourself. The TO: line should be the note title ie;(Shopping List@) You might need the @ symbol to fake ur phone into thinking it’s an email address. Each phone is different.
Requirements: For phones that should have come w/ a notepad and don’t support J2ME programs.

Create your own mobile web page (WAP page)
Requirements: Mobile Web

Skype headset
Requirements: NONE

Custom VoiceMail
Record different VM greetings based on who calls you.
Requirements: NONE

Banking by Phone
Most National Banks and even my private local bank allows balance checking and basic banking functions through automated phone systems. Ask your bank.
Requirements: NONE

Call the toll free number enter ALL the numbers from any product barcode and you will be told the cheapest online price from many online merchants.

POISON CONTROL -1800-222-1222
Seriously you never know when someone's idiot kid is going to swallow something stupid.

Know of something that needs to be added? Email


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